He was, she says, kind, conciliatory, forgiving, a gentleman, a man of taste in people, furniture, books. Fondly, she recalls him ever reading—while walking, dining, bathing, doing his tie. She remembers with amusement how he would change into pajamas for his 45-minute afternoon nap in the White House.

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What do you love most about John F. Kennedy?





Add one thing(anything respectful to his memory) that you love the MOST about JFK. Let’s see how long we can make this!

  1. His Boston accent

2. His Magical Hair

His extensive knowledge on a number of subjects and how quickly he made himself an expert on things he knew little about. 

His amazing laugh 

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Sen. John F. Kennedy, with his wife Jacqueline on the family yacht “Marlin.”, July 19 1960

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Jackie Kennedy tunes in the television just before her husband, Senator John F. Kennedy, and Vice President Richard Nixon, were to enter into a nationally telecast debate, Hyannis Port , September 26, 1960.

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Bobby Kennedy relaxing for a moment during the hectic intraparty struggle for the Democratic nomination for President in 1960.

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